I thought of buying this for Christmas gift, but I decided to buy one for myself, and I'm using it now. The wallet looks small but it can contain a lot of cards, unlike some other wallets where the slots to put cards are very limited. It's really neat because it's very easy to take your cards out. In some wallets, the cards would stick to the slots and they're difficult to take out. You just have to make sure though, that your cards are pushed in and the dividers don't stick out so that they won't catch on the zippers. I haven't checked the RFID capability so I can't comment on that.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase. I bought three and they were packed really good and arrived as promised. The product comes with a nice box ready for gift giving. All you need to do is wrap it for the occasion.
These are over-priced compared to similar options of higher quality. Something about the mesh knit has the tendency to cling to itself and pills up a lot around the crotch during light to normal use.
Comfortable, affordable and fits perfectly.
As someone who works in the medical field and stands for long periods at a time, these fit all my expectations! My feet dont feel as swollen and theyre very comfortable.
I just bought these sunglasses and I love them. They came in a fancy little box that really made the sunglasses feel more expensive. They gave you a carrying bag, and wipe. They are very comfortable, fit perfect and I have to say again for the price these look very high class!!! I love these sunglasses and will definitely be buying more!
The Azora seller said if I bought another item as before, I'd get $5.00 off. I don't see the item deducted or discount?
Thank you!!
This is an amazing ring. It came earlier than expected. It fits nicely even though I am a ring size 9. It is very shiny and has not turned my finger green. I loved it and it is a great ring for the price.
I had to buy a new pair of these since I lost my last pair in a river while kayaking. I opted for the more expensive Prizm version this time, and they are absolutely fantastic. The colors pop out so much more, especially green for me, that it's almost a shock when you take them off. If they hold up half as well as my last gascan's I will be happy.
Great product! Love it
These fit perfectly, I'm a big guy myself and thses worked out much better then I thought. Deffintly will buy another if needed.
Exactly as described.
A gift for our son for Christmas! He loves cuddling up in a warm blanket and this is perfect.
My shoe size is 15EEEEE, these fit me a bit tight, been buying these same ones for years. I toss out a pair every other month on avg, and restock is pretty simple. ALL my socks (but one black pair) is this sock.
Buy from Amazon as they are genuine! Very high quality, beautifully made as well. Looks apart from all the cheesy designer sun glasses out there. Value is quite amazing from Amazon!
Both my mother and I had allergic reactions to this sweatshirt (when I was wearing it). I don't know why. I started to get a runny nose and felt that I was having trouble breathing due to constriction in my chest. I don't usually get this in response to anything. My mother does have some form of asthma or environmental illness, and I might have some chemical sensitivities or inherited tendencies myself, but I never expected anything like that to be triggered by a sweatshirt. If you have any form of breathing problems or chemical sensitivities, it would be best to buy a different garment. My disclaimer is, I didn't wash it to find out if washing it made a difference. I just freaked out about what had happened and threw out my new purchase.
As a very fussy shopper, it took me months of searching to find a bag with the right size, style, features, quality and price. This was it for me. I was a little dubious about purchasing directly from a Chinese manufacturer rather than a Western brand, but frankly all the popular big-name brands are made in China and I'd rather not pay an outrageous premium for a label.

No regrets on this purchase after three weeks of constant use - crammed full of oddments, shoved under airplane seats, banged around, dropped on asphalt... still holding its shape and looking new. The leather is glossy (not patent-shiny or artificial-looking) black with impeccably finished edges.

The dark nickel hardware is durable, beautifully understated and refined. One minor issue - the clasps for the long shoulder strap were stuck closed and I had to use wrapped pliers to open them the first time; they've worked normally ever since, and may have been glued or sealed for shipping.

Zippers are heavy, operate smoothly and are well-sewn without any slack or puckering around the curved edges. I was a little concerned about the security of the magnetic snap on the center compartment, but the design ensures that it keeps itself closed.

The interior fabric lining is a smooth, heavy brown satin which seems durable. The color is just light enough that things don't get lost, but dark enough that it won't appear grimy from use.

The design has two large zipped compartments, a center compartment with magnetic closure as noted above, two interior drop pockets, an exterior zipped pocket, and an interior zipped pocket. My only complaint about this is that the interior/exterior zipped pockets are on the same side of the bag and their contents can interfere with each other. Otherwise, great organization for most users - I added two pouches for cosmetics and loose items.

This bag is also a great travel companion - accommodated an 8" tablet in the center compartment with perfect accessibility and protection. The combination of satchel handles and cross-body/shoulder strap makes for good ergonomics - I can unburden my shoulders if the bag is heavily loaded, grab it easily from under a seat, wrap it on the handle of a roller bag, and so on.

I would definitely purchase again from this manufacturer, but suspect that I won't have to replace this bag for years.
It is hard to find hankies in this day and age-but now my husband has ten!
My daughter and I loved this necklace. Perfect for a teen!
I've owned A LOT of sunglasses. I'm very active outdoors and tend to be hard on glasses. I need them to be more than decent sunglasses though. From coaching sports, to hunting, to hiking, to shooting sports, to ATVs, my glasses get abused. I need them to be good under most conditions, be able to take a beating, and still fit right while protecting my eyes. UnderArmour glasses have become my new favorites, replacing Oakley. At this price I don't feel near as bad if I break them and have to replace them. These are the glasses I've been waiting for. Oakley quality lenses, minus the arm/leg price, with interchangeable lenses. They fit my head and face very comfortably (I have a big head, so that may vary for folks). The Igniter 1.0 fit a little more snuggly, which I liked, especially since I sweat a lot, but these seem to fit great. Time will tell on how they stay in place while being active. One thing that I didn't see in the product description was the "hard" case that came with them, with slots for the other lenses and glasses. Very handy. The reason I'm purchasing these is because the Igniter 1.0's had a 4 wheeler wreck while on my face. They survived, except for a huge gouge/scratch on the lenses from a rock. But they stayed on my head and saved my eye. Hopefully these will work just as well, short of testing them with a facebrake on a dirt road.
They re as cool as they look in the picture
I have had all of the other big name sunglasses, but I still have a few pairs of Ray-Ban that are 30 years plus and still are as great today as then. These Wayfarer are my second pair, which I have one pair in my 65 Mustang and now this pair will be in my truck. Great product and with Amazon plus a pair of Ray-Bans, that is two great products. Yes I would buy again.
Gift for my son and he loves them, although hes already lost one earring but definitely his fault! Great looking
Si me gusto mucho es exactamente como la describe
comfort and value
Supposed to fit a 40 inch waist, but they're too tight.
Love them. Thank you.
Excellent cool product and certainly fairly priced - R.D.A.
Perfect !
https://www.itfri.com/frcustombithk4 https://www.itfri.com/produit887/sous-Vêtements-Dentelle-Leggings-Sécurité-Extensibles