I love how it does not take up room in my pocket. This is "genius".
My husband wanted a wallet with more space so I purchased this and he loves it. Not sure that it is that slim but he was fine with the size and this is a quality wallet.
Good fit as described sizes. My go to shorts for golf, fishing and relaxing. Friends have also ordered after seeing mine. Own 6 pair.
I will be presenting more next month
These are great! Now I can dress like an old curmudgeon. They work well, excellent quality.
Look great, fit great, and appear to be built to last. Very happy with these.
good hat for camping, sun, and even sheds water ok in the rain.
perfect purse. wanting something small so it wouldnt be so heavy and i couldnt keep piling stuff in it. its compact, easy to carry, and throw over you. holds my coin purse, iphone 8, mascara, tylenol, and several other small things. can not hold full size wallet though.
Wow I wish I would have looked and really believed the reviews...Pros:they are white and they fit well to the body, sorry I wish I had a better review for these but for just being shirts I thought I would have more than 2 left in the week that I had them. Cons: I don't like shoulderless tops...So after one machine wash I ended up throwing 2 away and it seems like I have to get ride of one more every time I put them in the wash, kind of a waste of money and hope that these get taken off of here.
Purchases one with pebbled leather a year ago. This one looks kida cheap compared to that one.
Great shirt if you just need something not too flashy and just regular. Feels comfortable too.
Love these glasses & the carrying case!
Beautiful color, style and accents.
I love it
The hat's side snaps came out of the material after only 2 uses. The hat is useful and still functional, but the quality control is lacking. also the inside band was sewn in with the label over my right ear as opposed to being directly behind my head as would most any other hat that was made.
I love the chain but I payed for a new one but mine look used already.. look like it could be a great chain. I just want a new one.
I got these hoping the front pockets were deep enough and I was pleasantly surprised by the depth.
slightly snug
Its slim, but is still load it full of cards!!!
Vert nice
Nice hat just like nfl or new era fitted hats
It was a little disappointed because the card slots are so tight that the cards are difficult to remove.
had never bought socks online before. I was nervous for this buy, but when they arrived and my husband put them on they fit him just right.
Excellent purse, love the pockets n the division there is as far as space. I chose this purse cuz really like the size n needed a new one
They show red tags in the picture thats what I wanted but they sent me blue tags. The tag colors separate the new from old so now all my shirts are blue tag. other than that they fit like I want and theyre good for gym shirts and yoga UPDATE: they started to rip and tear at the neck line even with hand washing they are already falling apart.
Arrived on time and was just as advertised
These ran small for me. Also, it felt like it was sprayed with HEAVY starch. Very stiff. I ended up returning it.
Love these got two pairs fit great nice in Florida heat cant say enough
https://www.itfri.com/frcustommmtweq https://www.itfri.com/produit887/QMGLBG-surdimensionné-mi-Taille-Longueur-élastiques